Pack 931 - Justin, TX

posted Apr 26, 2012, 2:57 AM by admin account

Address of Your New Website


The Website is Perfect for Our Pack 


Strongly Agree 


Most Confusing Part of The Launch Process 


I accidentally deleted the Bear Trail pages when I deleted an unwanted Bear page. I am using one page for each den because we have 14 dens and I did not want to have to upkeep 14 separate Pages. So as they move up I will just move those dens to the next rank page.


Overall Opinion of the Launch Instructions 


See above. This just rocked. With this much detail, I'm astounded that it is "donate only". I'll be leaning hard on my committee to donate to this project!




This template is a must-have.


How long has it taken you to get to this point? 


48 Hours