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Making Choices - October 3 den meeting recap

posted Oct 10, 2014, 8:42 PM by Unknown user

The theme of the meeting was Making Choices. We discussed courage and what it takes to stand up and do the right thing when others are pressuring us to do what we know is wrong. We also talked about respecting the environment and reused old newspapers by turning them into swords.


Wolf Achievements completed were as follows:


7a - Character connection for respect

7b - Discuss ways land, air & water get dirty

7f - List 3 ways you can save energy besides recycling

12a - Character Connection for Courage (12a)

12b - Older boy is tries to give drugs to kids at school (12b)

12d - New kid at school has braces on his legs and kids at school what you to tease him

12f - Boy threatens to hurt you if you don’t give him you lunch money

12j - Kids want Bob to steal candy

Homework Assignment – wolf handbook pg 77

7e - Read & discuss 3 stories about people protecting the world

Note: Homework resources including several articles about people protecting the world can be found on the digital bulletin board in Scouttracks.

Your Health - Sept 12 den meeting recap

posted Sep 21, 2014, 2:33 PM by Unknown user

The topic for the September 12 den meeting was Your Health. The boys learned about staying healthy as well as some basic first aid. September 13 was the pack service project where scouts and their parents picked up trash at Vickery Creek. Wolf Achievements completed were as follows: 

Wolf Achievements: 
3b – Talk about the 4 ways to stop the spreading of colds
3c – Show what to do for a small cut on your finger 
8a – Study the Food Guide Pyramid and name some foods in each food group 
7d – With an adult, pick up litter in the neighborhood 

Added Achievements (electives & other awards): 
16c – Make a basic 1st aid kit
23b – Explain the basics of how to take care of yourself in the outdoors (this also counts towards the Outdoor Activity Award) 
23c – Know what to do if you get lost 
23d – Explain the buddy system (this also counts towards Outdoor activity Award #3) 

Homework Assignment – wolf handbook pgs 57, 80 & 81
3a – Make a chart & keep track of your health habits for 2 weeks 
8b – Plan the meals for your family for 1 day
8c – Help fix one meal for your family – set table & clean up 
8d – fix your own breakfast & clean up after 

Note: Homework resources such as a blank healthy habits chart can be found on the digital bulletin board in Scouttracks.

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Your Flag - September 5 den meeting recap

posted Sep 7, 2014, 1:51 PM by Unknown user

Friday, September 5 was the super den meeting of the Pack 845 wolves. Both Den 7 and Den 6 participated. The boys learned about the US Flag, Georgia Flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance. They also participated in a number of flag ceremonies.
Achievements completed in this meeting were as follows:

Wolf Achievements:

2a - Give the Pledge of Allegiance and tell what it means.
2b - Lead a flag ceremony in your den
2c - Tell how to respect and take care of the US flag. Show 3 ways to display it
2d - Learn about the GA flag
2e - Learn how to raise a US flag properly for an outdoor ceremony
2f - Participate in an outdoor flag ceremony
2g - with the help of another person, fold the US flag

Homework Assignment: (Wolf handbook pgs 71-73)

6a. Complete the Character Connection for Positive Attitude

6b. Make a collection of anything you like. Start with 10 things. Put them together in a neat way. (There will be time in future den meetings for scouts to share their collections)

Bonus: There is a COLLECTING belt loop and pin you may want to try to combine with this homework assignment.

Feats of Skill - Aug 15 den meeting recap

posted Aug 23, 2014, 9:56 AM by Unknown user

The first official meeting of Wolf Den 7 took place Friday, August 15. The meeting topic was Feats of Skill. The boys created obstacle courses, practiced passing playground balls, and finished off with water balloon catch. Achievements covered in this meeting were as follows.

Wolf Achievements:
1a - play catch
1b - walk a beam back & forth & sideways
1c - forward roll
1d - back roll
1e - falling forward roll
1j - pass a ball using a chest pass, bounce pass, & overhand pass

Elective 18d - help lay out an obstacle course

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