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Making Choices - October 3 den meeting recap

posted Oct 10, 2014, 8:42 PM by Unknown user
The theme of the meeting was Making Choices. We discussed courage and what it takes to stand up and do the right thing when others are pressuring us to do what we know is wrong. We also talked about respecting the environment and reused old newspapers by turning them into swords.


Wolf Achievements completed were as follows:


7a - Character connection for respect

7b - Discuss ways land, air & water get dirty

7f - List 3 ways you can save energy besides recycling

12a - Character Connection for Courage (12a)

12b - Older boy is tries to give drugs to kids at school (12b)

12d - New kid at school has braces on his legs and kids at school what you to tease him

12f - Boy threatens to hurt you if you don’t give him you lunch money

12j - Kids want Bob to steal candy

Homework Assignment – wolf handbook pg 77

7e - Read & discuss 3 stories about people protecting the world

Note: Homework resources including several articles about people protecting the world can be found on the digital bulletin board in Scouttracks.