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Your Flag - September 5 den meeting recap

posted Sep 7, 2014, 1:51 PM by Unknown user
Friday, September 5 was the super den meeting of the Pack 845 wolves. Both Den 7 and Den 6 participated. The boys learned about the US Flag, Georgia Flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance. They also participated in a number of flag ceremonies.
Achievements completed in this meeting were as follows:

Wolf Achievements:

2a - Give the Pledge of Allegiance and tell what it means.
2b - Lead a flag ceremony in your den
2c - Tell how to respect and take care of the US flag. Show 3 ways to display it
2d - Learn about the GA flag
2e - Learn how to raise a US flag properly for an outdoor ceremony
2f - Participate in an outdoor flag ceremony
2g - with the help of another person, fold the US flag

Homework Assignment: (Wolf handbook pgs 71-73)

6a. Complete the Character Connection for Positive Attitude

6b. Make a collection of anything you like. Start with 10 things. Put them together in a neat way. (There will be time in future den meetings for scouts to share their collections)

Bonus: There is a COLLECTING belt loop and pin you may want to try to combine with this homework assignment.